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Historically born as consultants, we now only occasionally offer this service, preferring projects in which we participate as stakeholders. However, stimulating consultations occasionally arise, which we are pleased to provide, always aiming to offer something more than mere consultancy.

Consultations can be provided on a fixed-price or time-and-materials basis. Below are the most significant consultations since the company was founded.

Areti / Acea

[ Rome 2017 – 2019 ]
Project Luce+ involved initial analysis work followed by the development of a fully functional prototype for converting standard public lighting poles into smart poles suitable for creating a true smart city.

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[ Milan 2010 – 2015 ]
CRM and custom cloud-based management system for Sunsystem spa A CRM and custom cloud-based management system designed to handle thousands of commercial leads and quotes for photovoltaic installations. The management system then monitors every phase of the design process and progress of the works.
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Virgilio VSF

[ Milan 2010 – 2015 ]
A native tablet application designed to calculate, by detecting a roof from satellite mapping, the number of installable panels. It connects to historical irradiation data for the area and, considering the tilt and orientation of the roof, calculates internal and external shading during different seasons. The output provides the expected production of the system.
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PV Shop

[ Milan 2010 – 2015 ]
A B2B e-commerce platform for online sales of photovoltaic components such as inverters, panels, and mounting structures.

HomeOnLine oggi pratiche.it

[ Milan 2005 ]
A multi-year and pioneering project in the sector of supplying individuals and companies with documents to be obtained from public administration.

E-commerce, management system, communication center, automatic invoicing—all the tools to optimize the operation of a 7×7 call center.

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